How foundation repair helps to eliminate mould from your house

As you all know that mould that exists in a home can lead to multiple problems for both residents and the integrity of the house itself. The process of removing mold begins with assessing the situation, presenting a project report, making recommendations for safe effective cleanup and removal. When there is presence of mold in your house then it can be an insidious problem for every homeowner, potentially leading to a costly removal process and even a host of health problems. You have to know how to get rid of mold safely and effectively then you can protect the health of your family, without breaking the bank. The main reason for foundation problem is that when there is improper type of soil and improper wrapping that all can lead to issues with your foundation. A small crack is the first sign that a problem exists. This could lead to wall or floor leaks, more cracking and odor and even a sinking home.


The growth of mould in your home should be hidden. It should be grown behind walls or above ceiling tiles, at that time it should be important to check for the presence of mould anywhere that is damp and especially where water damage has occurred. When it is treated on time then it can cause allergic reactions and other respiratory complications, and is especially a risk for small children, the elderly and those with existing respiratory illnesses or weakened immune systems. It should be appeared in many shapes and colors, none of which accurately determines the actual species of mold. VIP Underpinning Brisbane also has a proven reputation for carrying out the construction of all types of footings and foundations both for customers in both the domestic and commercial sectors.


Steps to remove Mould from concrete Walls:-

  • As you know mold is major problem in your home. Over a time almost every home gets mold infestations. So in first step you have to overview of your home. When you discover an extensive mold problem then at that time we recommend that you use the rigorous protective measures.

  • After that, another step is that you have to identify mold in your house. After that look for signs of mould or excessive moisture and also look for obvious signs of leaks, or a musty odor. Then at that time you take immediate action. Mould will begin to grow within 48 hours. But if you have a high concentration of mold then firstly you may smell it. After that you detect the musty odor and other damp areas.

  • In next step you have to clean the mold from the walls. For that you have to fill a clean bucket with one cup of bleach and one gallon of warm water. You will need to use a hard bristle brush and vigorously apply your homemade mold remover to any infected areas of your wall. Scrub this mold with this brush. In some cases, you may need to let the solution remain on the wall for a few minutes after that you’ve applied it to let it soak in. After the mold has been scrubbed off your concrete walls then allow your mold remover to sit for 15 to 20 minutes before proceeding to dry your walls.

  • When you follow these steps then are sure that you periodically check your basement’s pipe fixtures for any signs of leakage. These preventive measures will go a long way in keeping your home walls mold-free.